Sunday, September 21, 2008

Update on Chimoosoft

It has been quite awhile since my last post - I have been occupied with starting an awesome new job and moving from California to Pennsylvania! Due to my new employment, I no longer have much time to devote to Chimoosoft activities and have tried to open source as many programs as possible. Portions of AP Grapher are protected under an NDA which prevents its open sourcing, however I hope to have time to release TubeTV as open source. For the foreseeable future, I will not have time to work on Chimoosoft software; if you want to see the products move forward perhaps you can work on them yourself or find others interested in doing so. Thanks for your support and understanding, and I apologize if I have not answered an e-mail you've sent; I simply don't have the time anymore.


skidd said...

Your software is awesome! I'm so sorry you'll be leaving the Chimoosoft development world, but I wish you all the best in your new job.

Ryan said...

Thanks - I appreciate it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

this product is graetit will work good on a mac leopard 10.5 or later version

victor gonzales said...

This software is exellent for mac leopard 10.5

Anonymous said...

Does Chimoo Timer v1.5 work with 10.3.9 Panther? I can't get it to open.

Anonymous said...

I _really_ would love to see TubeTV open-sourced... IMO it is the best in class and I would hate to see it not continue to be developed.

Best of luck to you in your future endeavors!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for TubeTV, I've made a small donation :)


Jennifer said...

It is really a great and an exellent softeware I have ever had. I indeed aprpreciate your time and efforts.
As I'm a 72 year'old cancer surivor, I only can donate a small amount. I hope i can use it in the left of my life.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see TubeTV get a new maintainer. Expanding it to support other Flash videos like Camtasia Studio would be very nice.

Jirat said...

I ever loved tubt tv it's very good but now can not down load . don't know why?

jamirkhas said...

Loved TubeTv. Just recently, can Not download. Very disappointed. Is there a fix for it? Will appreciate some one's response.


ashutosh said...

i have used it for a while but i am unable to download now - wonder what is wrong thanks anyway

paul said...

Yeah...But how does one ACTUALLY download a youtube video?

Ther is no obvious links...No links...No instructions....

and please, in non geek plain language....

PRW said...

Snow Leopard seems to break AP Grapher: can't find ANY networks with the scanner.

Guy said...

Terrabrowser no longer works properly after updating to Snow Leopard. It crashes when using contextual menus to zoom in or out, or adding waypoints to a file. Does anyone know of a comparable program for the Mac.

Navya said...

Excellent software. thanks for sharing.
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Parsa said...

AP Grapher is not working in SL as mentioned. Of course if you look at the Apple forums, it's not the only one. I can't even get Terminal to run!

I haven't tried Terrabrowser lately, but I'll regret not being able to use it if the report above is correct.

nikon D40X said...

Since upgrading to Snow Leopard, Tube TV does not work properly any longer. It does not down load. is there a fix for this?


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to see TubeTV become relic-ware. It was obviously "best of class" but since changes to the YouTube end of things (I think) it no longer works. It has now been a year since the last blog post and I think we can now mourn the loss of TubeTV for good.

The only viable alternative seems to be iTubeGrabber which while it does the basic downloading, is not a patch on TubeTV for converting etc.

Maybe a move to a commercial footing for the software can save it?

charmedguy18 said...

really sad that ap grapher isn't working on snow leopard and I guess it won't be ever. :(

Anonymous said...

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Lee said...

I love tube tv... but recently when i download a video it has an error on converting every time now. Would you hapeen to know why?

Zus said...

I love the program and am very grateful for your time invested. I can't afford the $15 donation at the moment but will certainly do so soon. Much appreciated. Best of luck with your future.

lmorris100 said...

TubeTV says "download complete" immediately but leaves a zero-length .flv file for me. Snow Leopard. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

rainycity1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rainycity1 said...

I'm on OS10.6.6 and Chimoo Timer still works beautifully. - Thanks!

Ron said...

Capture Me is an excellent piece of software. Thank you so much for your work. I've sent a donation and hope many others have as well.


J. Peterson said...

Best of luck. Unfortunately AP Grapher doesn't seem to work right on 10.6.7. It shows "Connected to ®ñ" instead of the proper AP name, and nothing shows up.

Anonymous said...


I like your App idea. One more thing and I guess will be a nice App for all those it use.
It will be wonderful if the App will can do the following functions too:
- save the last time laps has went when the OS has log out or shut down in a log that can be accessed by any user
- start automatically (up or down) after login in the OS, from that same (HH:MM:SS) time has stopped when the OS has log out or shut down

The idea is that using this App users will be able to monitor the lifetime of their Displays or OS.
Can we have the .xcodeproject file to work forward on this?

Thank you a lot.

Chimoo Timer Version 1.5
Mac OS X Version 10.7.2 (Build 11C74)

Eugen M.

mobitily1 said...

Really a good topic you raise.
Great article buddy keep it up!
Thanks for that.

TeeGate said...

I am not able to switch cache files with Terrabrowser between hard drives. Is there a way to do this? When I switch the cache and launch the program it just replaced the file with a new 16k file.

Deb said...

I have loved using Capture Me - simple, effective, perfect.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be working with Mtn. Lion.

Thank you for this great tool!
Blessings on you - I will be sad to let go of Capture Me, but absolutely understand.